Abatement Contractor Insurance in New Hampshire

Types of Asbestos Abatement Contractor Insurance in NH

abatement contractor insurance NH

If you own or operate an abatement company in New Hampshire, you need to have a good policy that protects you and your company. You can find these policies in many different forms, including RSA 141-E or Env-A 1800. Read on to learn about their benefits and what they cover. Once you have the right policy, you can begin tackling the task of cleaning up pollution. Whether you are working in the client’s home or in a building, this insurance can protect your business.

RSA 141-E

RSA 141-E abatement contractors insurance is vital for the proper operation of asbestos-abatement businesses in New Hampshire. This insurance protects both companies and individuals from financial liability associated with environmental violations and enforcement actions. This policy covers many different types of asbestos-abatement services. Read on to learn more about the coverage provided by this policy. Here are some examples of the coverage provided by an abatement contractor.

Env-A 1800

The Env-A 1800 abatement contractor liability insurance protects both businesses and individuals from financial liabilities resulting from environmental violations and enforcement actions. It is a legal requirement in the state of New Hampshire, and is an essential part of a business’s risk management strategy. RSA 141-E is a specific form of asbestos management insurance that protects companies from financial liabilities that result from environmental violations.

Types of coverage

The types of coverage for abatement contractor insurance varies depending on the scope of the business. For instance, general liability coverage is typically sufficient, but there are differences depending on the type of work involved. Asbestos abatement contractors, for example, work in a client’s home or building. General liability insurance covers personal injury and property damage, while contractor pollution liability insurance covers environmental pollution arising from the company’s operations. It also covers the transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials.

In addition to general liability coverage, asbestos abatement contractors may also carry Site Specific Pollution Liability coverage. These policies cover first-party claims that are associated with the pollution condition on the insured premises. Third-party plans related to the pollution condition are also covered. CPL policies can be issued for specific projects or as part of an Owner Controlled Insurance Program. Abatement contractors should make sure to review the specific requirements of their policy before making any decisions regarding their insurance.


Asbestos, lead, and plumbing contractors all need to be licensed in New Hampshire. While out-of-state contractors can get away with obtaining a license in the state, in-state contractors must be registered with the state to perform certain types of work. Moreover, abatement contractors must also obtain corporate filings in the state to operate legally. There are different types of insurance coverage available to abatement contractors.

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