Best Alaska Builder Insurance

How to Find the Best Alaska Builder Insurance

best alaska builder

Finding the best Alaska builder for your new home may seem like a daunting task, but there are a few basic tips you should consider. These tips include: experience, portfolio, reviews, and cost. By following these guidelines, you should be able to find a builder you can trust and who will give you exactly what you need. After all, you want your new home to be as beautiful as possible, right?


Looking for a builder who has built homes in Alaska for over forty years? Look no further! Michael Quinn Construction has a proven track record of quality and service. They have built over 600 homes in Anchorage and Eagle River. Michael has worked on hundreds of projects, managing hundreds of subcontractors and suppliers. Their reputation as a premier builder has earned them numerous awards including the Governor’s Award and Golden Hammer. This list of awards speaks for itself.


The University of Alaska offers a unique tuition-value guarantee through its Portfolio builder program. The University of Alaska offers a balanced portfolio that comprises 40% stocks and 60% bonds, with low-cost investing in mind. There is no annual account fee, no miscellaneous fees, and no hidden costs – all of the expenses are listed in the unit price. The UA tuition-value guarantee does not apply to other institutions. The target ranges are updated monthly, and they may differ from the current performance of the portfolio.


When building a custom home, selecting the right builder is critical. Not only do they bring your vision to life, but they can also help keep the process on track. Construction jobs never come without surprises, but with the right builder, these challenges are less stressful. Read on to find out which companies rank well in customer reviews. Here are some examples of the types of homes that are available in Alaska. Choose one based on its reputation, then do your research and choose wisely.


For people who are thinking about building a new home in Alaska, the costs can be as much as $576,000. For a standard ranch house with three bedrooms, a garage and patio, the costs can run between $198,001 and $629,000, while a luxury-grade home will cost anywhere from $400,800 to $690,000 per square foot. These numbers may be higher than you think, but they are still relatively low when compared to the rest of the nation.

Energy efficiency

As the cost of energy continues to rise, it’s imperative that new homes be built with energy efficiency in mind. Luckily, engineers in Alaska are pushing the envelope when it comes to designing and building new homes. While some of these innovations are still in the lab, others are beginning to make their way into residential construction, and builders are responding to this demand. For instance, University of Alaska professor Tom Marsik has built the world’s most energy-efficient home: an airtight structure with 28-inch thick walls.

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