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While workers’ compensation insurance is the most common type of business insurance, there are a few other types to consider. While most businesses with employees are required to carry workers’ compensation, some industries are exempt, including independent real estate agents and certain types of agricultural workers. While these are not legal requirements, other coverage can help you manage the financial burden of accidents and lawsuits. Listed below are some types of business insurance in Kansas.

Worker’s compensation

When it comes to protecting your business from unexpected losses, it’s important to purchase a policy with adequate coverage. Worker’s compensation is especially important if you have more than one employee, as the amount of costs will be higher if there are too many workers. Make sure to give the insurance company the correct number of employees in order to get a competitive quote. Worker’s compensation is one of many types of insurance available to protect your business. It is also important to get liability insurance to cover the costs of lawsuits.

Although it isn’t mandatory, you can get a quote that will include this type of insurance. Workers’ compensation policies include an employer’s liability insurance. This type of coverage also includes an exclusive remedy clause, which prohibits an injured employee from suing their employer for damages. Worker’s compensation business insurance in Wichita is a necessary part of any business. In Kansas, over 99% of businesses employ at least one person, and the state’s laws require that nearly all businesses with employees carry it.

General liability

When you own a business in Wichita, you may have to purchase General Liability business insurance. It is crucial for small business owners to protect themselves and their business from legal problems. Many landlords require businesses to have general liability insurance before they can rent office space. This insurance helps cover the costs associated with lawsuits, court costs, and lawyer fees if you are sued for any of your business activities.

While a business owner may not think of product liability insurance as something he needs, it can be a necessity for the success of his business. The right insurance will protect your business from liability claims arising from injuries and property damage. Even small businesses can be sued by customers and clients when their products or services are not up to par. This kind of business insurance protects your business from a legal nightmare and will help cover lawsuit fees, resulting in a positive cash flow.

Errors & omissions

For small business owners, error and omissions insurance is a valuable tool for protecting themselves from the costs associated with a lawsuit. By purchasing this type of insurance, small businesses can avoid expensive out-of-pocket expenses and interruptions to their business. These insurance policies provide 7 types of coverage for small businesses. These policies can be purchased at various rates. To determine how much your policy will cost, look for these features.

Errors & omission coverage is an important aspect of general liability insurance. While the exact terms may vary from company to company, the general concept remains the same. This type of policy will cover your business from claims resulting from omissions or errors in services provided by your company. The cost of legal fees and settlements can easily consume the company’s cash reserves.

Product liability

General liability business insurance in Wichita, Kansas, can protect your company from lawsuits. It protects you from unexpected expenses caused by accidents that occur on the premises of your business. You can find a plan that fits your needs and your budget at SPI Steve Pore Insurance Agency. Regardless of industry, product liability business insurance in Wichita, Kansas, is a necessity. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing this coverage for your Wichita, KS, business.

The cost of lawsuits is huge. In 2013, the median settlement of a product liability lawsuit was $6 million. Even if a retail company doesn’t have any customers, a defective product could slip through quality control and cost you millions of dollars. Product liability insurance in Wichita, Kansas, protects you from the financial fallout from lawsuits. It pays for lawsuit costs and covers legal fees.

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