General Liability Insurance in Utah

Guide to Finding the Best General Liability Insurance in Utah

best general liability insurance in utah

The following is a guide to finding the best general liability insurance in Utah. You can find Utah General Liability quotes from USAA, State Farm, and Chubb. These insurance providers offer good prices and provide excellent service. However, you should keep in mind that these quotes may not be the best. State Farm offers the lowest rates, and Chubb is the best option for a large company. But, if you are looking for a low-cost general liability insurance in Utah, you should look for a local agent.

Benzinga’s guide to finding the cheapest general liability insurance in Utah

As a business owner, you want to make sure you’re protected by obtaining the best general liability insurance in Utah. The type of business you run will determine how much coverage you’ll need. For example, a construction company will need more coverage than a fitness studio, and the insurance premiums will be higher. Luckily, there are many companies in Utah that serve all kinds of businesses.

In addition to general liability insurance, you’ll also want to consider workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance pays for workplace accidents and is required by law for businesses in Utah. This policy can be obtained through a private insurance carrier or by qualifying as a self-insured business. While other types of business insurance are not required by law, it is a good idea to protect your company against unexpected incidents. In addition, many landlords and clients will require that you purchase these policies before they’ll rent or sell space to you.

State Farm

Whether you run a home-based business or have a large corporation, State Farm has a range of insurance products to meet your needs. From commercial property insurance to personal liability insurance, State Farm’s agents can help you determine the right coverage for your business. By purchasing liability insurance, you can protect yourself from lawsuits and costly legal judgments. And, with an umbrella policy to protect you from lawsuits that could put your business out of business, State Farm also offers special liability options.

For example, the company cites two court cases to support its position that it is not required to cover the costs of punitive damages. These cases, although not binding on all companies, have set a precedent for punitive damages. State Farm cites the case of Continental Trend Resources, Inc. v. OXY USA, Inc., which was decided by the 10th Circuit in 1997 and Utah Foam Products. Co. v. Upjohn Co. (930 F. Supp.), which says a defendant’s wealth may be taken into account in the judgment. However, it has not been determined whether such a policy exists in Utah, which is why the company never reported the case to its national headquarters.


Chubb’s home and auto insurance policy covers your home and any outbuildings, as well as any potential lawsuits you may face. Your standard coverage includes damages caused by fire, smoke, vandalism, and bad weather. You can even extend your coverage to your fence and detached garage. A standard Chubb policy covers water damage as well. You can learn more about your coverage options by reviewing Chubb’s website or mobile app.

For your Utah commercial property insurance, Chubb offers a wide range of products and services for businesses. They offer a range of solutions for different industries, and can customize a plan specifically for your needs. They have been in the business of providing liability insurance since 1898, and have an excellent financial strength rating. Chubb has insurance for almost every industry. Its products protect businesses of all sizes from construction companies to restaurants.


If you’re looking for general liability insurance, USAA has the right coverage for your needs. Besides offering a wide range of basic and standard coverage levels, the company’s business owners policy includes cyber and computer fraud protection, terrorism coverage, hired and non-owned auto insurance, and workers’ compensation. You can also choose to add extra protection for your business by opting for a specialty policy. You can also save money on premiums by combining several different types of insurance policies.

The language of the USAA general liability insurance policy is identical to that of the Homeowners’ policy, and the insurer will pay damages arising out of an “occurrence.” An occurrence is an event or series of events that proximately cause personal injury and are caused by an act or omission of the insured. The policy limits will vary depending on the policy, but the insurer will cover up to $100,000 per claim.

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