Cheapest Contractor Insurance

How to Find the Cheapest Contractor Insurance

cheapest contractor insurance

If you are in the construction industry, you must get the cheapest contractor insurance to protect your assets. Without proper coverage, you will have to pay for any damages incurred during the course of a project, and this will put your bottom line at risk. On the other hand, adequate coverage will protect your business and your employees from injuries. You need to protect your employees and business assets, and this is best done by getting contractor insurance. Read on to discover how to find the cheapest contractor insurance.

CNA Insurance

If you’re a contractor, you should consider buying contractor insurance from CNA Insurance. It is a reputable company with a century of insurance experience. The company offers many types of coverage, nationwide coverage, and a claim-filing system that works 24 hours a day. However, CNA’s official website looks outdated and contains a high number of customer complaints. You may also want to consider another company if you’re unsure about a particular carrier.

Whether CNA is the best insurance carrier for contractors depends on a few factors. For example, is the policy comprehensive or limited? Will it cover everything a contractor might need? Does it include deductibles? Will it provide an adequate level of protection? And does it cover every type of unforeseen risk? These factors may affect your decision, but CNA is generally the cheapest contractor insurance company for general contractors.

Next Insurance

If you’re a general contractor or handyman, you may wonder if Next Insurance is the cheapest contractor insurance. There’s a simple answer to that question: Yes. Next Insurance offers handyman insurance for multiple projects and general contractor insurance for general contractors who specialize in multiple tasks. The company also offers other insurance products. Next Insurance recently acquired AP Intego for $500 million, which increased its revenue to over $400 million a year.

Since its founding in 2015, Next Insurance has remained on a high standard. Its high-quality service has earned it the trust and credibility of major companies, including Google, Facebook, and A.M. Best. The company has served more than 1,000 different types of businesses. Additionally, it has received a 4.7 rating from customers, Google, and Facebook. However, it is important to note that NEXT does have limitations on the types of contracting policies it offers.


If you’re a general contractor in New York, you should invest in contractor insurance. It will protect you from lawsuits, injuries, and theft. Not only will it cover you financially, it will also meet state requirements. Contractor insurance will also cover basic risks faced by contractors such as damage to client property. Liability insurance for contractors can be bundled with property insurance. Insureon is a trusted, free resource for contractors of all sizes in New York.

General liability insurance is the most important type of insurance for construction businesses. On average, a construction company pays less than $600 a year for general liability coverage. However, a higher-risk business may pay more. When it comes to liability coverage, policy limits determine how much insurers will pay for covered claims. The policy limits are per-occurrence limits and aggregate limits. The higher the limits, the better the coverage.

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