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Tips for Choosing a Chimney Cleaning Insurance Phoenix Company

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When it comes to cleaning your chimney, you should always make sure to hire a professional service. A chimney fire can lead to loss of life and property. A professional cleaner will take extra care to make sure that everything is in order and that the chimney will continue to work properly without any issues. Here are some tips for choosing a chimney cleaning company in Phoenix. This way, you will be assured that the work you pay for will be done by a professional.

Level 2 chimney inspection

If you’re having problems with your chimney, it may be time to get a Level 2 chimney inspection. This inspection is more comprehensive than the first level, and it requires access to the roof or crawlspace. It’s also necessary after upgrading your heating system, a recent chimney fire, or when selling your house. A certified chimney cleaning Phoenix professional can inspect and repair any problems they find. Below are some of the signs that your chimney needs a Level 2 inspection.

Spear heads

Chimney rods are commonly available and are easy to use to remove blockages and tough stains from the walls of your chimney. The rods can roll up and down the walls of your chimney, reaching difficult-to-reach areas. Bird nests can also block the airway, releasing potentially dangerous gases. Chimney rods are not the only tools used by Phoenix chimney cleaners. They also offer dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning services.

Clearing wheels

You can buy clear wheels for chimney cleaning at home, or get a professional service to clean your chimney for you. Clearing wheels make it easy to reach difficult areas, such as bird nests in your chimney, which can prevent airflow and release dangerous gases. Whether it is a bird or squirrel nest, clear wheels for chimney cleaning Phoenix can help. To make sure that your chimney is safe for your family, call a professional who is licensed to clean chimneys.

Visual inspection

The first step in chimney cleaning is a visual inspection. This is an important step that determines whether a chimney needs to be swept. If it does, the technician can do both services at once. To complete a visual inspection, the technician will place a drop cloth on the floor and setup a ladder to access the chimney from the roof. Once there, the technician will remove the chimney cap and inspect the flue and chase. They will note any signs of damage and make recommendations.

General Liability insurance

When you own a business, it is essential to have General Liability insurance for chimney cleaning Phoenix businesses. You need this insurance to protect your physical structure and inventory in the event of a lawsuit. In addition, this policy covers damages or injuries sustained by your employees on the job. For instance, if a client’s roof is damaged as a result of your chimney cleaning Phoenix services, you can be held liable for any financial losses caused.


If you’re looking for a reputable company to clean your chimney, you may want to consider hiring a shop vac. These machines can move 350 cubic feet of air per minute, removing the smallest particles down to.5 microns. You can also purchase a chimney cleaning kit that costs around $50. Before cleaning your chimney yourself, be sure to close all exterior doors, lay out a tarp on your floor, and remove any ash from the fireplace and any stray pieces of wood.

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