Commercial Vehicle Insurance Atlanta

What You Need to Know About Commercial Vehicle Insurance Atlanta

Before you get a commercial vehicle insurance policy, you should be aware of some of the things that can affect your rate. Most of the insurance companies will run a motor vehicle report on all drivers who will be driving your vehicles. If you’ve ever been in an accident or been in a violation, your rate will likely increase. Additionally, insurers will consider the past three years of driving history. Rates can also be higher in larger cities than in smaller ones, or in areas prone to extreme weather events and other hazards.

Commercial fleet insurance

If you operate a business that uses several vehicles, commercial fleet insurance in Atlanta is an important part of your insurance plan. This type of insurance covers your vehicles, employees, and drivers under a single policy. Because the policies are tailored to your business’ needs, you’ll get maximum coverage with the least amount of effort. Plus, if you change drivers often, fleet insurance will always meet minimum requirements. It is important to understand that fleet insurance has different rules and regulations than privately owned vehicle insurance.

Liability coverage

While Georgia state law requires minimum liability coverage on commercial auto policies, it is important for businesses to consider the extent of their risks. This coverage is typically equal to $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Purchasing a policy with higher coverage limits is also a good idea. Under-insured drivers may be left paying for lawsuits that are far beyond their means. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase your coverage limits to ensure that you remain financially protected.

Collision coverage

In addition to the collision coverage on a personal auto insurance policy, it’s important to look for a commercial auto insurance policy that will cover your business vehicles. A commercial auto policy will pay for damages or losses that you incur in an accident, such as weather damage or vandalism. You’ll also want to add other coverage options, like liability insurance and medical payments coverage, to the policy. In Georgia, you should consider buying a commercial policy if you have several vehicles or if you plan on driving a company vandalism-prone area.

Comprehensive coverage

The type of commercial vehicle insurance you need depends on what your business needs. Most small businesses are required to carry some kind of insurance, but personal auto policies will only cover vehicles you drive for personal use. You will also need to have insurance for your vehicles for business purposes, as they are typically exposed to more risk. Safeco has a reputation for protecting small business owners and their livelihoods with customized coverage. Find out how to get comprehensive coverage for your commercial vehicles in Atlanta.

Uninsured motorist coverage

The Georgia court ruled in McCall v. Allstate Insurance Company that uninsured motorist coverage is a first-party insurance benefit and not subject to the O.C.G.A. SS33-4-6. This decision is the exclusive remedy for bad faith and precludes claims under O.C.G.A. SS13-6-11 or SS33-4-6.

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