Concrete Contractor Insurance in New Hampshire

The Importance of Concrete Contractor Insurance in New Hampshire

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If you are a contractor in New Hampshire, you should have the right general liability insurance coverage. Many states require general liability coverage for contractors. If you have a license to work in NH, you should be covered. This coverage is also important for hiring contractors in your area, as anyone could get hurt during a concrete construction project. You can use a web-based portal to view and print your insurance policy and certificates. There are also several different types of liability insurance coverage available. An independent insurance agent can help you decide what’s best for you.

General liability

A general liability insurance policy is essential for any concrete contractor. This coverage protects the business from lawsuits that may arise from accidents or damages to clients’ property. Construction sites can be hazardous, and if your company does not have insurance coverage for accidents or damages, you could be held responsible. Similarly, concrete equipment can cause injuries. In the event of an accident, the general liability policy would pay for the cost of medical bills and compensation.

Commercial property

If you’re a concrete contractor in New Hampshire, you likely have a variety of vehicles on the road. From personal cars used for appointments to large, specialized trucks for mixing concrete, your business may use a variety of different vehicles. You may have purchased business auto insurance to cover property damage or bodily injury. But what about if your employees use their own cars while on the job? In such a case, you may want to consider hiring a separate policy for these vehicles. That way, you’ll be protected from any mishaps.

Worker’s compensation

Having the right workers compensation for concrete contractor insurance in New Hampshire is essential for a number of reasons. Injuries and illnesses that occur at work can have a huge impact on the bottom line of a business, which is why this type of insurance is required by law in most states. Besides protecting the business from liability, workers compensation insurance will also protect employees from lawsuits and other legal actions.

Inland marine

Inland marine insurance is designed to protect your concrete contractors from the financial impact of loss or damage to the equipment and property used in their business. This type of insurance protects property that isn’t at a fixed location and is not covered by a standard commercial property insurance policy. Concrete contractors typically use construction equipment and tools that are often damaged during transit or while on the job site. Inland marine insurance covers this type of property and is a good choice for any contractor or business.

Commercial crime

Having commercial crime coverage for your concrete contractor insurance NH policy will protect you in the event that your business is damaged or destroyed by a crime. While commercial property insurance covers third-party crime, it may not cover employee dishonesty and fraud. In this day and age, fraud and employee dishonesty is a huge problem in the construction industry. Having commercial crime insurance will provide you with the protection you need to prevent financial losses resulting from these crimes.

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