Concrete Contractors Insurance Las Vegas

Concrete Contractors Insurance Las Vegas

concrete contractors las vegas

If you are looking for a concrete contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada, then you’ve come to the right place. Solid Concrete Contractors have been serving the community for five years. Their premium services include stamped, decorative, and specialty concrete projects, including driveways, pool decks, and sidewalks. They also offer foundations, basements, sidewalks, and more. If you are planning a major home improvement project, you might want to consider hiring a concrete contractor in Las Vegas.

Concrete patios are an excellent method to add square footage to your house

A concrete patio will add extra square footage to your house. Using a concrete mix is easy and inexpensive. Just add water and mix with a portable drum-type concrete mixer. The mixture should be the consistency of stiff cake batter. Portland cement can be purchased separately and mixed with sand and crushed stone. After the concrete mixture has set, you should check the strength of the finished product to ensure that it can withstand heavy traffic and weather.

Finished concrete patios can cost anywhere from $18 to $20 per square foot. For larger patios, you should hire a professional concrete contractor. The price of materials is usually around $4 to $8 per square foot, while labor costs may be much higher. The cost of materials will depend on the size of the patio and the site conditions. If you want to make your patio look more attractive, you can add color and contours.

They are a cost-effective method to add square footage to your home

There are a number of ways to increase your square footage without incurring too much expense. Building up is the simplest method because it requires less materials and labor. Building out requires more materials and labor, since you need to build footers, concrete, fill rock, a roof system, and extra excavation. However, if you want to increase the square footage of your home without spending a lot of money, concrete contractors are the way to go.

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