Contractors Insurance in Lubbock

Contractors Insurance in Lubbock

As a contractor in Lubbock, you face many risks and may be concerned about your financial stability. To protect your business, consider purchasing contractors insurance. Contractors Mark specializes in policies specifically for contractors. General liability insurance can help protect you from accidents and mistakes in advertising. This type of insurance can cover many different risks, including injury and damage to property. It can also cover your advertising expenses. If you have a company with more than one location, you should consider buying a package that covers all of these risks.

Tools and Equipment insurance

Contractors in Lubbock need to carry tools and equipment insurance, because accidents can happen to their tools and equipment. This type of policy protects them from being stolen, damaged, or lost. It covers these tools, whether they are in your company’s possession, on a job site, or even in transit. While most accidents involving tools happen on the jobsite, thefts and damages can occur in transit, too.

General liability insurance

In Texas, construction projects are always in need of contractors. With new businesses popping up on a daily basis, this state is a constant work in progress. Without contractors, new businesses simply wouldn’t be possible. Contractors need to have insurance, or they’ll be left in the dark if an accident were to occur. Not only is the insurance vital to completing a project, but it also protects contractors from vandalism, theft, and weather damages.

Workers’ compensation insurance

A general contractor’s liability insurance plan combines general liability and workers’ compensation to provide protection for your company. Workers’ compensation insurance covers your company from lawsuits for injuries suffered on the job, including damages to property and automobiles. General liability insurance also protects your company from lawsuits related to advertising injuries or liable advertising. If you have employees, you need to have workers’ compensation insurance, but you might be able to purchase coverage at a lower price than you need.


If you’re looking for a surety bond for your construction business, there are several companies in Lubbock that specialize in contractors’ insurance. Some are NASBP-certified, while others are not. No matter what kind of contractor insurance you need, a Lubbock Insurance Agency agent can help. We have relationships with the best surety and fidelity companies around, so we can provide fast and efficient service.

Certificate of occupancy

To operate a construction business in Lubbock, Texas, you will need a Certificate of Occupancy. This license allows you to occupy the building, including working on its interior and exterior. The Certificate of Occupancy will identify the building as one of eleven pre-defined classifications and five different types of construction. It will also list any conditions for occupancy, including any required fire safety equipment. The Certificate of Occupancy must be posted in the building, so that people can see it. In addition, the Certificate of Occupancy will state the number of people who can safely enter the building at any given time.

Renewing contractors insurance

When it comes to contracting, one of the most important steps to take is renewing your contractors’ insurance policy. By getting this policy, you are ensuring yourself against risk and errors. The coverage you receive is designed to protect you from everyday occurrences, from damaged equipment to injuries. With the help of this insurance, you can focus on deadlines instead of worrying about potential issues. Here’s how to renew your insurance policy in Lubbock.

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