Film Insurance in Corpus Christi

Film Insurance in Corpus Christi

corpus christi film insurance

Incorporating the film-friendly city designation into your production can help to protect your production and your crew. Several Texas cities have earned this designation, and Corpus Christi is one of them. During the past year, the city submitted photos of potential film locations to the city’s office and set guidelines. If you’re planning to shoot a movie in Corpus Christi, you should learn about the film-friendly city’s requirements and coverage options.

Coverage for productions with budgets up to $1,000,000

When deciding on the right film insurance policy, it is important to remember that the cost of a production can affect the budget, but that it doesn’t mean that you should skip coverage altogether. A good insurance company will have an inexpensive quote for your film. You should also look into coverage for various media types. Video tape, actual film stock, audio tapes in various formats, digital images, and more are all covered.

Film insurance premiums vary greatly, and they depend on a number of factors. For example, a short documentary film will need a different type of policy than a feature-length documentary film. There are three different types of film insurance policies: short-term, annual, and DICE. The former type of policy is typically used for a single production, while the latter is used for many projects over time. The annual policy is reserved for ongoing projects, like documentaries.

Coverage for cast

Film production companies can purchase coverage for cast members of their films. The insurance policy will cover the entire cast, or it can include a special “carve-out” coverage option. In the latter case, the insurance company will provide coverage for specific members of the cast and will require a medical exam before approving coverage for the group. Film producers may opt to purchase separate insurance for the cast members, but this is not recommended for most productions.

When looking for film insurance coverage for cast and crew, a good choice is entertainment insurance. Entertainment insurance is essential for film productions, since it helps offset costs associated with production risks. Buying film production insurance for cast and crew members can be a smart decision, as small hiccups in production can affect the entire production. This insurance will also protect producers from potential lawsuits. A minor hiccup in a production can halt a production, resulting in an expensive lawsuit for everyone involved.

Coverage for office contents

Film production companies need to protect their equipment and premises from damage and loss. Office Contents Insurance pays for any damages that occur to the equipment and facilities of the production company. This type of policy is typically required by vendors, and it is important to know how much your deductible is before renting equipment. This amount can quickly add up, especially if you’re using several rental houses. But with the right insurance coverage, you can rest easy.

Coverage for civil authority

Civil authority coverage limits your liability for damages caused by emergency personnel or local governments. This coverage protects your business by replacing lost business income, even if your business is located outside the premises. Some policies even limit civil authority coverage to one week or 30 days. Make sure your policy includes this clause so that you’ll be prepared for whatever emergency personnel may bring. Coverage for civil authority is common in property insurance policies.

The hurricane that devastated the city severely damaged many of the local businesses. Civil authorities blocked off four blocks around the affected area. A local garment business owner faced over-time production costs, setting up temporary offices, and lost revenue due to turning away business. BI Civil Authority insurance covered these expenses. And the policy also covers the legal expenses associated with the production of a feature film. The civil authorities also closed down several roads, causing a backlog of business.

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