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Pascal Burke – Contractor Insurance Broker

If you’re looking for an insurance broker in the United States, you’ve come to the right person, Pascal Burke – Contractor Insurance Broker.

The agency offers all types of commercial insurance, including General Liability and Indemnity. They also offer policy limits for open roofs, hot tar, and torch. They even offer policies for fire damage to rented office buildings. If you’re in the business of construction, you’ll want to contact Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage Inc. to protect yourself against unexpected claims. By ensuring you have the right insurance, you’ll be able to continue your work without worrying about financial catastrophes.

The Best Professionals

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Our Mission

At Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage Inc. (PBIBInc), their knowledge of the products and the marketplace we serve is unparalleled. As former contractors, they know the construction industry from the ground up!

Why People Choose Us?

We’re here to keep our customers with my low prices and good work (workmanship you can trust) We stand behind my work.

We’re the largest employer of home repair contractors in the world. Our dedication in hiring and retaining the very best home maintenance and repair technicians is why we are able to deliver a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

We’ve consistently hired experienced, reliable employees whose skills are further refined through technical and customer service training.

We are ready to be your long term partner for all of your needs. Contact us to day and see how we can help you!